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Website Disclaimer and Privacy Statement

1. General Notice; Warranty Disclaimer. This website has been established for purposes of providing hospital staffing by interacting with licensed physicians and hospitals. This website is provided “as is” and does not make any express or implied representations or warranties as to its content. Any warranty as to the accuracy, reliability, timeliness, usefulness, or completeness of the content provided on this website is hereby disclaimed, along with any warranty of merchantability and fitness for a specific purpose.

2. Protected Health Information. This website does not request or collect any protected health information. Users of this website are solely responsible for any damages or liability arising from providing their protected health information voluntarily. Legacy Physicians hereby disclaims any liability which may arise from any inadvertent or negligent dissemination of any protected health information, and any other damages which may arise from a user’s disclosure of protected health information, including but not limited to demographic information, medical histories, test results, mental health conditions, or insurance information and any liability.

3. Medical Advice. Legacy Physicians is not a medical provider and does not provide medical advice, guidance, or any medical opinion, in any manner. Information contained on this website is for informational purposes only and is not intended to act as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, treatment, or other intervention. Legacy Physicians does not guarantee any relationship between you and any physician associated with Legacy Physicians. Users should contact their medical providers for any questions relating to their own health or medical conditions or, if experiencing a medical emergency, call 911.

4. Personally Identifiable Information. Physicians wishing to participate in our services may provide certain personally identifiable information, including name, phone number, email address, organization name, and location state as may be required and will be used to contact physicians for purposes of engagement. Although Legacy Physicians has measures in place to help prevent the inadvertent disclosure of personally identifiable information, it is not possible to protect against all breaches such as may be caused by malicious parties, hackers and similar actors. Users providing personally identifiable information acknowledge and agree that they provide such information voluntarily and at their own risk. Users agree to hold harmless Legacy Physicians in any claim arising from dissemination, in any form, of personally identifiable information.

5. Website Security. Legacy Physicians takes all reasonable precautions to protect personally identifiable information provided through this website. However, no data transmission over the Internet, mobile networks, wireless transmission or electronic storage of information can be guaranteed for be 100% secure. Legacy Physicians makes no representation or warranties of any kind relating to website security breaches, hacking, or other cyber infiltration of this website. Users acknowledge their information may be at risk of unforeseen disclosure in the event of a cybersecurity breach.

6. Third Party Links. This website may contain or reference links to websites operated by third parties. Such links are provided only for convenience purposes. We do not endorse or exercise any control over the content or resources provided by third party links. We hereby disclaim any liability, directly or indirectly, for any damage or loss which may arise from use or reliance on any content provided by such links. Third party links may contain terms and privacy policies which differ from ours. We recommend users review any terms and conditions for any third party links you may visit.

7. Assumption of Risk. Legacy Physicians shall not be liable for any loss or damage including special, incidental, consequential, punitive, or direct damages which may arise from use of this website, or from any reliance on information provided thereon. Legacy Physicians shall not be liable for errors, misstatements, or inaccuracies contained on this website.

8. Waiver. Users of this website hereby release and waive any and all claims against Legacy Physicians for any damage or losses sustained arising from the use of this website.

9. Endorsements. Any advertisements or commercial product referenced on this website or any third party websites linked herein does not constitute or imply endorsement or recommendation by Legacy Physicians. The views of any physician related to Legacy Physicians does not necessarily reflect the views of Legacy Physicians.

10. Reservation of Rights. Legacy Physicians reserves the right to modify, update, or remove information or links available on this website including this Disclaimer and Privacy Statement. Any changes will be effective immediately upon posting of the revised policy terms. Use of this website indicates consent to the Disclaimer and Privacy Statement posted at the time of use.

11. Use of Marks and Applicable Laws. Users of this website acknowledge and agree that they will follow all laws, including federal copyright laws of the United States. No user is authorized to use any name or mark for any purpose without the written consent of Legacy Physicians.