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Ballroom Dancing

Ballroom Dancing: Finding my Passion Outside of the Hospital

date: 05.21.2024

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Corinne Rao, M.D.

Corinne Rao, M.D. is a board-certified, award-winning internal medicine physician and the Founder and CEO of Legacy Physicians.

Ballroom Dancing is Mine, What’s Yours?

Both dance and medicine are sources of healing. Dance is a different way of seeing and being. It has challenged me in ways that medicine never could. It allows me to express myself in different ways than medicine. The practice of medicine is stressful and can leave us with few outlets to decompress. Dance has become my outlet and heals my wounded mind from long days as a hospitalist. Working as an independently contracted hospitalist allows me to accommodate my dance classes and competitions. I get to travel the country competing as a ballroom dancer as a part-time hospitalist. Life is good!

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Corinne Rao, MD - CEO and Founder of Legacy Physicians
Corinne Rao, MD
Founder and CEO, Legacy Physicians

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